Swimming Pool

Chill out in the pool and enjoy the ocean view.

Our grand infinity pool sits at the center of the resort, overlooking Patong Bay. A row of lounge chairs are along one side of the pool on a shallow shelf in the water. This creates a relaxing effect, as if you’re laying above the pool, and it feels great to dip your feet into the cool water every so often. At the edge of the shelf is a underwater bench, for those who want to sit in the pool and cool off. The opposite side of the pool has a unique glass window. Enjoy a drink at the pool-side bar, which is dropped down to the level of the water, with submerged seats in the pool.

Fitness Center

Keep in shape even on holiday

Get a full-body workout to stay in shape. Our gym has a full set of free weights, as well as a treadmill and stationary bike, and a pull-down machine. We keep our equipment in top condition and our fitness center immaculate.

Cyber Point

In the corner of our lobby there are iMac computers available for the use of our guests. Read your e-mail, update your status, check your flight info, or just browse the web.


Enjoy a personal spa experience at B-Lay Tong Phuket. Our spa products are made from all-natural ingredients, in harmony with the environment. We offer an international selection of massages and treatments. Open 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.